June 29, 2017

Show and Skills Events

Car Show Category Details

Not all car shows are the same. Our goal is to have a fun and entertaining show that includes everyone. Check out some of our categories!

Crowd Favorite: Let the crowd decide who they love the most! They vote and you could win!

Kid’s Choice Award: Let’s get the kids involved and let them vote on their favorite! Do you have a vehicle that kids just LOVE, enter it and you could win!

Dirtiest Vehicle: Don’t feel like shining your vehicle for the show? Come nice and dirty! Let’s see just who is the dirtiest!

Gadget Guru: Is your vehicle decked out with gadgets, lights, thingamabobs, etc. Maybe even more so than making sure it runs and works properly? This is your time to shine!

Best Theme: Does your vehicle have a theme to it? Bring it out and see how it stacks up to the other themed vehicles!

Best Dressed: Feel like having some fun?  Decorate your vehicle in a Law Enforcement, First Responder, K9, USA, etc theme!


Skills Event Details

Articulation Ramp/RTI Ramp: Do you have flex? Let’s see just how flexy you can get!

Balance Boards: Test your vehicle and your control skills by balancing on 4 Wobble Boards.

8ft Soccer Ball Challenge: Playing soccer seems to be a NM staple. Can you, using your vehicle, make a goal with our 8ft soccer ball?!